Thank you for booking your newborn photography session with me, whether you will be coming to my Orpington Studio or I to your own home, I have a few tips to make our session run smoothly.

In my opinion there are only good times to book your newborn session, for curled up sleepy tiny baby I choose 10-14 days.  After that baby will be more alert and we will may get some open eye shots as baby will begin to focus their gaze.

So, the date is booked but what happens when baby decides that they would like to arrive early to the party or fashionably late?  Just give me a call and we will rearrange the date.

When baby arrives they often have patches of dry skin or develop cradle cap, around 5 days before the shoot you can moisturise baby’s skin, do this every day as it will help the skin look more even in texture and eliminate any dry patches.

Make sure the room we will be using is warm. I like to photograph the babies naked and although I will always make sure they are covered in between different shot set-up’s, we don’t want them to get cold.

Feed baby before I arrive, although they may not be asleep straight away and of course may need feeding again during the shoot, this will help with settling them into the deep sleep to enable me to position the baby into those lovely curled up poses. After you have fed baby wrap them warmly in a blanket wearing only the nappy. This stops them being disturbed while undressing them.

I will arrive around 30mins before we start the shoot, I have a portable backdrop to create studio style set ups at home, I just need a small area near a window.  Please don’t worry about the house being perfect and tidy, I understand that a new baby brings a certain chaos.

Lastly, please don’t worry if your baby won’t settle. Sometimes a newborn photo shoot can take a while, even a few hours. I am very patient and it really is worth waiting until they are settled to capture some beautiful images of your newborn.

I am looking forward to meeting your beautiful new bundle.

Best wishes